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Do you have trouble with your PC or Mac? Carol Ivan Computer Support is here to help. We have years of experience resolving hardware and software issues, from viruses to slow speeds to incompatibility. Our experienced team will come to your home or office in the greater Seattle area, so you don’t have to take your computer to us.

We specialize in solving complex problems that are difficult to diagnose, like determining if the issue is caused by Microsoft, the network, a virus, or damage to the operating system. Let us take care of your computer problems – we’ve been doing this for many years and can ensure the best possible outcome.

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  • Carol Ivan is a Seattle based, woman owned and operated business. Carol started working on microprocessor systems in 1975. Over the years, she has specialized in network support in a number of computing positions in large companies. This has given her an opportunity to work with a wide variety of systems from mainframes to terminals to PCs and everything in between and across many generations of operating systems.
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