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In February 2019, WebCami Site Design will be celebrating its 17th anniversary. The company is dedicated to providing top quality services in web design, digital business consulting and WordPress care plans with a friendly approach and minimal technical jargon. With its clean designs, successful track record, reliable support and long-term partnerships with clients, WebCami Site Design has garnered a great reputation over the years.

The team at WebCami Site Design offers its clients expertise in WordPress web design, digital business consulting and WordPress care plans. All services are provided with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The team also makes sure to provide ongoing support for clients, allowing for an enduring relationship that benefits both parties.

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  • In spring of 2003, I completed the Web Design and Development program at South Seattle Community College. Prior to this, I studied graphic design at California State University, Fresno. Since 2002, I have developed sites for a wide range of professions from my office in West Seattle for clients all over the United States. My corporate retail background and my experience as a small business owner has allowed me to create successful websites for many different industries and organizations. I also provide services in social media set up. I can connect all your social media to your website, even have your blog posts automatically link to Facebook and more!
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