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(914) 258-7175
(914) 258-7175
Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport, CT


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Belleville Cleaning Service provides residential cleaning services that revitalize homes and give them a spa-like pampering. Our team will take out the garbage and recycling, clean the kitchen eating area, wipe down all surfaces, and vacuum all carpets. We use environmentally friendly and antibacterial chemicals to sanitize and disinfect all areas.

We also offer commercial and office cleaning services to increase productivity by creating a cleaner environment. Our team will hygienically clean germ carrying areas and use antibacterial chemicals to reduce the risk of contagious disease. We strive to provide the best cleaning experience to our clients.

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  • The Best Cleaning Service in New York and Connecticut. We are a locally owned and operated we provide Residential and Commercial. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After every cleaning, one of our Service Satisfaction Representatives will contact you to make sure that you are completely satisfied. If not, we will return within 24 hours and make it right.
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