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(619) 573-4341
8880 Rio San Diego Dr
Ste 800, San Diego, CA 92108

8880 Rio San Diego Dr Ste 800, San Diego, CA 92108


Photo of McCarthy Law PLC
Photo of McCarthy Law PLC

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McCarthy Law PLC's attorneys provide debt settlement services without the need for bankruptcy, allowing clients to settle their debts for a fraction of the balance. We help with credit card debt, second mortgages and HELOCs, business debt, SBA loans, medical debt, judgments, and more. Our team sends a letter to creditors instructing them to communicate only with us, stopping any harassing calls or letters. We offer free consultations with an attorney, as well as a simple flat fee and payment plan to fit within any budget.

Our experienced legal team is dedicated to providing you with personalized assistance throughout the entire debt settlement process. We work diligently to ensure that you receive the maximum reduction in your debt. Our attorneys are committed to helping you reduce financial strain and get on the path to financial freedom.

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  • Our Managing Attorney, Kevin Fallon McCarthy, Esq. is the Managing Attorney at McCarthy Law PLC. He has been a member of the Arizona bar since 1986. He has worked both in private practice handling commercial, banking, real estate, and securities matters and as general counsel for a large corporation. Mr. McCarthy is a magna cum laude graduate of Arizona State University School of Law where he was graduated second in his class and was published in the Arizona State Law Journal. His undergraduate degree is in accounting from Creighton University. In addition to his legal expertise and experience, Mr. McCarthy has worked as CEO of a $20 million manufacturing company with more than 200 employees. Mr. McCarthy has extensive experience in negotiating win-win agreements with customers, bankers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders.
  • (619) 573-4341
  • 8880 Rio San Diego Dr Ste 800, San Diego, CA 92108
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