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(714) 255-1316
(714) 255-1316
501 Mercury Ln, Brea, CA 92821

501 Mercury Ln, Brea, CA 92821


Photo of Voltage River
Photo of Voltage River

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At Voltage River, we focus first on energy efficiency such as high efficiency pool pumps, air circulation, lighting, refrigeration control, roof coatings, and window tints. By taking a staged approach, we can reduce energy usage by up to 50%, at a fraction of the cost of fully equipping your roof with solar panels.

In our second stage, we assess the needs of solar power, solar thermal, and wind systems to address the remaining energy needs. We design building energy systems that utilize cost-effective solutions to lower total cost of ownership and reduce or eliminate reliance on utility companies and fossil fuels.

Our full-system approach is applicable to all types of homeowners, businesses, refrigerated storage, industrial buildings, restaurants, supermarkets, auto dealerships, department stores, hospitals, country clubs, theme parks, and office buildings.

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  • After working at one of the largest solar distributors in the country Andrew Read selected the very best from the solar construction and design industry to work with as part of the Green Voltage Group. Our industry experts in engineering/ construction and solar electric/solar Thermal systems design focus on each aspect of power consumption in order to develop a unique power plan that fits your budget and energy goals.
  • (714) 255-1316
  • 501 Mercury Ln, Brea, CA 92821
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