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(619) 667-2880
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Photo of KM Insurance Services

About the Business

KM Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency with over four decades of experience and expertise in providing comprehensive coverage and protection for all types of needs. We work with more than 20 carriers to find the best policy at the lowest price for our clients.

We offer a wide range of personal and commercial property and casualty insurance, including but not limited to home, auto, renters, workers compensation, and professional liability. In addition, we also provide life and health insurance solutions for any situation.

Our mission is to serve as trusted guides and advisors to our clients as they navigate through the complex process of finding the right coverage. We strive to save them 15% on their premiums and more importantly, to build a lasting relationship with them. We want to be there for them long after the initial policy purchase, offering our expertise and support whenever needed.

Thanks to our commitment to our customers and our ability to adapt to changing needs, KM Insurance Services has been successful for nearly 40 years. We are proud to have clients that have been with us since the beginning and look forward to developing new relationships with our next generations of clients and partners.

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  • The business has been growing for nearly 40 years in the heart of the San Diego Metroplex. From the beginning, we have been client-focused and have developed from a Personal Lines Agency in Property and Casualty Insurance to become a full-service Insurance Agency that can provide any form of coverage. The Insurance Industry is about longevity. What we have learned in our experience--longevity is achieved by growing while maintaining positive relationships with our current clients rather than forgetting the old to accomodate the new. Lasting relationships with our clients, has been the cornerstone of our business and will be the identifier of our brand for the future.
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