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About the Business

Design By Cassie T Interior Design services are ideal for people who have just moved to a new home and need guidance in how to tackle their new space. With eight years of design experience, I can help guide you during the 2 Hour Consultation.

I am able to work in any room of your house, from one room to the entire home; it's up to you. Each project is unique, and may involve rearranging furniture and accessories, selecting paint colors, flooring, hanging artwork or simply organizing your space. Even if you haven't moved into a new home, I can use my expert eye to help with furniture placement and other needs to make your space more livable.

Following the 2 hour consultation, I provide clients with shopping lists and ideas on how to bring their look together, so they can feel happy and excited about their newly transformed space. My specialties include: Space Planning & Layout, Furniture Selection, Lighting Selection, Flooring Selection, Color Palette & Paint Selection, Accessories buying, Art Selection, Window Treatments, Shopping Guidance and Lists, and Home Organization.

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  • Hello! I am Cassie Thompson a Local Interior Designer based in San Diego, with a degree in Marketing and Design from Grand Canyon University. I absolutely love all things interior design. I started this business on the basis of helping those who didn't have that keen eye for creating a functional and beautiful home that they can enjoy for years. I work on a consultation basis helping clients within their existing furnishings and art pieces. Some of the ways include rearranging furniture, paint color selection, organization, hanging artwork, and creating shopping lists to empower you with all the knowledge and know how to turn your house into a beautiful home. I have a passion and know-how for changing spaces around to fit the individual's needs and to make your home into a visually appealing oasis. I specialize in decorating apartments and homes of any size. Email me and I'd love to hear how I can help you accomplish your design goals.

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