Jeffrey D Cohen, PC

Queens, NY
(718) 275-5900
(718) 275-5900
125-10  Blvd Ste 323 Kew Gardens, Queens, NY 11415

125-10 Blvd Ste 323 Kew Gardens, Queens, NY 11415


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  • Jeffrey D. Cohen was a former prosecutor for the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office and has been practicing Criminal law for over 18 years.
  • Having tried numerous cases as a prosecutor and now applying those skills to his defense practice has given him a deep understanding of the Prosecutor's methods.
  • Mr. Cohen's clients know that he aggressively advocates for those who are charged in all areas of criminal offenses in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan; cases including drug and gun possession, DWI and other serious crimes.
  • He is diligent and conducts a thorough investigation on each case to provide the best defense for his client.

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