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(212) 868-0686
(212) 868-0686
350 5th Ave Ste 5945, New York, NY 10118

350 5th Ave Ste 5945, New York, NY 10118


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About the Business


  • MJJT is an IT Consulting and Cyber Security Company headquartered in the Empire State Building of New York City.
  • It is the parent company of Ultratek Computers & Communications, Secured Transactions, Top Web Designer, Tri-State Web Marketing.
  • As well as many other technological resources that aid us in keeping your organization profitable.


  • These resources are utilized in a way to cultivate premier customer service and satisfaction in all aspects of your business.
  • Located in the heart of one of the world's largest corporate hubs in NYC.
  • MJJT began to serve businesses in the Tri-State Area since 1996.
  • It is the enabler of businesses, using innovative technology and superior IT knowledge to ensure that companies run with excellent proficiency.
  • Our goal is to empower enterprises in evolving at the forefront of technological development, allowing them to flourish in a safe digital landscape.


  • MJJT has assembled a unique team of professionals.
  • They work together to facilitate your business in exploiting all the latest technological advances.
  • We manage a variety of IT Security facets, such as Network Security, Email Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security.
  • PCI Compliance, IT Policy, IT security auditing and Cyber Security Training.

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