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Photo of Slumber Parties By Irina
Photo of Slumber Parties By Irina

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Do you want to have a fun night with your friends? Slumber Parties By Irina is the perfect choice! You and your friends can laugh, learn, and enjoy yourselves in the comfort of your own home. Irina comes with everything you need to educate and entertain you on health and sexual wellness. From bath products to bedroom accessories, they have something for everyone.

These parties are only for adult women over 18 years old and you will be able to get all the lotions, potions, lingerie, and bedroom accessories that you and your friends need to have a great time at the party and afterwards.

Are you looking for part-time work with full-time pay? With Slumber Parties By Irina you can have the flexibility and freedom of owning your own business and earning an amazing income. The average consultant earns $250-$400 an evening just by partying. Ask Irina how you can do the same!

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