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(732) 935-7246
101 Crawfords Corner Ste 1-105R Holmdel, Fords, NJ 07733

101 Crawfords Corner Ste 1-105R Holmdel, Fords, NJ 07733


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  • Smith Eibeler, LLC fights for New Jersey employees' right to work in a discrimination free workplace.
  • Service:
  • We provide employment law related consultation services, including representing clients in unemployment appeals, contracts, severance agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and employee complaint & harassment investigations.
  • In addition to our employment law practice, we also provide commercial litigation services on behalf of businesses in matters such as shareholder disputes, breach of contract, fraudulent business practices and restrictive covenants.


  • Unlawful termination, sexual harassment, FMLA rights;
  • New Jersey Family and Medical Leave Act, hostile work environment;
  • Reasonable accommodations, sexual orientation discrimination;
  • Race discrimination, age discrimination;
  • Unemployment benefits law and whistle-blower retaliation.

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