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(303) 549-7799
1901 W  Blvd Ste 209, Littleton, CO 80120

1901 W Blvd Ste 209, Littleton, CO 80120


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  • Attorney Judith Hoechst experienced infertility struggles similar to those of the clients she is privileged to represent.
  • With her law office in the Denver metro area, Judith has represented clients in Assisted Reproductive Technology law and the complex issues related to family formation since 2010.
  • Caring for babies, children and their parents has been the focus of Judith's professional career.
  • Judith changed the focus of her law practice from medical negligence and massive tort litigation to Assisted Reproduction law in 2010.
  • With personal insight into the formidable issues of loss and emotional pain those struggling with fertility and family formation are facing, she feels passionate about representing her clients as well as advocating for ART legislation in Colorado.
  • Judith has been admitted by examination to the State Bars of Ohio, New Mexico and Colorado.

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